My way home

26 05 2008

I started a new engagement today, which is nothing really new. But today for one reason or another I found myself much liking the way I went home.

I found myself thinking, I wonder what all my friends think or see on their ways home. What do they see, what do they go past, what’s their experience of the trip home from a hard day earning a crust?

Well for those of you who are interested in my answers to that question, please read on.

The following flickr set, is a series of chronological photos taken by my mobile phone, on my way home from work.

The photos are terrible, but to me, that didn’t matter, because the pure and simple peaceful act of taking some rough and ready photos of a small part of my life, is what it was about.

What I loved about that singular trip home, the variance in the environment I travelled through, the beauty of the sunset I saw, contrasted against the architecture I passed through, the smell in the air when I got home, and the open stars above me after a hard day.

So without further adu…. the “On My Way Homeme”.


– Use a simple camera, the simpler the better,

– Upload them to flickr or whatever your preference is, but as long as they can be seen through the web,

– Tag them if you can with “onmywayhomeme”,

– Blog it and tell the story,

– Tag your mates.


I hereby tag:







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