I’m from an Industrial Design background. So of course I’ve had a strong emphasis on the engineering aspects of this whole design field of expertise.I’ve been working in technology design since about 1993.

The interaction efficiency between humans and technology has been something close to my interests for many years now, and to date, my passion for the field has served me well.

I’m currently a consultant providing a wide range of capabilities including:

  • Project and Programme management, and alignment activities
  • Design Authority implementation and execution
  • Interface and User Experience Design
  • Software GUI prototype development

I have a bit of a soft spot for Agile development techniques, but tend to believe they are often either misunderstood, or misused. Much like Designers I think, and that’s a much longer story.

From a personal perspective… Motorcycling, Horses, cool technology.

Catch me on twitter : wintergiles


One response

13 05 2009
Willem Strydom

Hi, I am a IT/ Project Auditor for a big Corporate in the Insurance indistry. The IT unit resently implemented a Design Authority. We, teh audit department, need to have a look at this board and its established procedures.

Is there any material or guidelines I can refer to regarding Design Authority best practices to assist us in assessing the adequacy of the design of this new initiative.

Your assistance will be much apreciated


Willem Strydom

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