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2 12 2007

Well! I don’t normally post about my personal things, but this is a little something close to my heart.

A few weeks ago I was visiting some friends and next door to them, was this little brumby pony, at best 12 hands high (or about shoulder height to the average human).

Where she used to liveSadly, she had been torn away from her environment and mum, with two other brumby ponies a few months ago. As I understand, this was because “she would make a great birthday present!”. So a present she became, to someone who knew nothing about horses, and really didn’t want or have the means to have her. Needless to say, and the photo says it all, she wasn’t cared for at all, and left in a “paddock” filled with building materials, trailers, boats, pattersons curse, and a filthy sink to drink from, with an occasional loaf of bread when the owner remembered to eat.

The other two ponies, because they were all so young, died because they were pulled away from their mothers far too early.

Run free and safe young ones.

So after some quite ridiculous posturing from the ‘owner’ I handed over $100 (well my wife did and I got her as a birthday present.) and I’m now the owner of this lovely little pony.

She’s a beautiful little pony, who is strong in her mind and heart. And in time, the body too. She’ll enjoy running with our other four horses in a large 20 acre paddock with only a border fence in it.

my new pony My parting comment here is something I hope people remember and influence others with.

Animals, dogs, cats, mice, rabbits, fish, horses and any other, are not to fall subject to our predatorial catch and keep behaviours. They are pets, but as pets become part of the family, and deserve to hold their dignity and be respected. They were on this planet long before us, and have the right like us all to enjoy their turn in the sun. Don’t illegally take brumbies out of their environment, they can’t go back once you take them out, and once they are out, they need to be cared for properly. If you are not prepared to take on everything that comes with an animal, buy a playstation.

Please remember this over the coming christmas period, and choose your presents carefully. They deserve good choices too.

Have a safe, happy and joyful Christmas period, whatever your beliefs.




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3 12 2007
Gary Barber

This is exactly why I will not get a “pet”. Despite the pleas of family members. I hate the pet sales around Christmas also btw. Pet are a living being and deserve respect.

I often wonder how long it would be with a pet that the novelty value wears off. Maybe it will not. I’m just not prepared to take that risk with an animals life. If that make me a heartless, then so be it.

3 12 2007

I recently bought a bargain price “Black Beauty” for the kids without realising what a sad story it is! Your new little pony now has the chance of a happy and loving home.

@Gary – I’m sure the “novelty” value does wear off but there are many benefits to having a family pet. I have many happy childhood memories from a hermit crab…to guinea pigs and rabbits and eventually a dog. I learnt valuable lessons about life through those animals and have great memories of them.

4 12 2007
Maxine Sherrin

Yes, one of the many many things I will take up arms against from the Bible is that bit from Genesis about God giving us dominion over the animals. What a revolting term! Sure, maybe it’s lost a little something in translation over the years. But how ill deserving are we of this privilege as well.

Saw a great exhibition of photography at Art Gallery of WA today – Robert Ballen – very contemplative exploration of humans and their relationship with animals – check it out!

6 12 2007
horse shirt

It is true when the pets live within the human atmosphere they cannot go back to their animal environment, so we should keep them very carefully and work hard.

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