Ping pong and fond meme’s

29 08 2007

Good golly goshkins!I’ve been pinged, ponged, tagged, memmed to within an inch of my life!!!Serves me right I guess, for not blogging as much as I used to. Side effect of getting caught up in the work. I suppose.Well, as many of my good friends mention including but not limited to:

have reminded / hacked on me, I’ve been abscent from the blogsphere for a little while. So as penance, I’m writing something in the vain hope that I’m going to redeem myself.Anyway, Regarding Web Directions 2007, there’s now a top little side activity running! The great Web Directions 07 photo meme!So if you were there as many top end web techs were, dig up a photo of yourself and get tagging!And to make me not completely hipocritical… here’s mine Thanks Ruthy.And who can forget this old chessnut?Lastly there’s this one, it’s a golden one for me. God bless my missus for taking the photo. She loves me.pre-Web Directions Port80 meet upCourtesy Miles Burke’s Blog, I’m now aware of this little gathering, and I’d like to officially say there WILL be at least one speaker turning up.Details are available from Miles’ blogHope you’re all happy now.P.S. Thanks very much for the comments so far, keep them coming I promise I won’t put you on the spot…. too much.




2 responses

29 08 2007
Gary Barber

A can has photos of Benza.
Youz forgeta lotta photoz of Youz, An youz no tagga nexta peeps

29 08 2007

Just enhancing my ninja rep. 🙂

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