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28 08 2007

Good evening!
Been a while I know.You have my apologies.
So here I am in the middle of the night… again. And I’m putting together my presentation for Web Directions South 07 and I’m hit with a shining light of brilliance. Well, a dull murmur anyway. 
I’m delivering  a presentation on Agile techniques and how they can be made to be sociable and even SHOCK HORROR valued and utilised within a large scale enterprise environment. 
Now this is a pretty common problem, with many issues and not a lot of solutions.
I thought I’d ask everyone if they had some particular issues or pain points that they had which I could address as part of my presentation.Sort of a “Special Requests”.So if you want to get in quick and have your deepest darkest issues dealt with, Then set me a comment and I’ll see what I can do!Issues that have been raised so far through other forums:
– Our projects just seem to churn, we work in an agile way, but we collectively still struggle to deliver the projects.
– We work really hard, and produce many really cool things technically and design wise, but we still can’t seem to get these things connected and delivered as a whole.
– We keep blowing our timelines, because our scope of work keeps changing.
– Our project manager doesn’t understand that we are working in an agile way, but keeps hitting us up for deliverables which we haven’t built yet.
– I can’t concentrate on working on what I’m doing because I have to spend all my time co-ordinating and reporting… what can I do? 

Now… Better yet, if you have a deeper case study which you would like to submit for us to examine as part of this presentation where agile has been brought up within a PRINCE 2 or other waterfall style project / programme, Let me know!
There may just be a PRIZE in it for you. Yes, I will resort to bribery. And no, I don’t do things by halves, it’s a goodie bag with some very nice bits and pieces in it.
Really looking forward to hearing from you.

Practice your ninja skills, you may just need them! 




6 responses

28 08 2007
Gary Barber

Consider yourself Memed Ben…. See you in a few weeks!

28 08 2007
Gary Barber


Scalability, AD is only for big projects right

How can we hid AD in a project or in the project plan.

Please no Govt Speak! We are Humble Freelancers.

28 08 2007
john allsopp

there’ll be plenty of Gov folks too!


29 08 2007
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3 09 2007
Charlie Mere

Hey fella!

Here’s a reverse spin on your talk – hopefully it’ll help add to the topic. It might be good to really cover something along the lines of “are you running Agile, or do you just tell yourself you are?”

Agile is a great method for the crazy-go-lucky apps of today, but I think a lot of devs say and think they are running Agile-style as a convenient way of covering the fact that they are just running wild.

I think an aspect of all of the examples you listed above is just simple scope focus. Agile is great – develop small pockets at a time and release often. But it sounds like the problem with almost all of the examples you gave above is that the scope is still creeping for some folk -even in these small week-to-week pockets.

So – get back to basics – running Agile still means you have a set scope during each iteration, and deliver things at the end of each iteration. You still need to work to that scope (it’s usually only a few weeks!), but as you are working Agile, you don’t have to wait long to do that cool new thing in the next iteration in a few weeks… but you do still have to wait, and prioritise, or you won’t hit your target.

If you aren’t keeping to scope, sorry, but you’re not Agile. If you aren’t releasing often, each iteration, sorry, you’re not Agile.

What do the other folks here think?

29 09 2007

Hey your self!

well I got to this one too late. but!

Check the slide share (see latest post) and I think you’ll find I don’t necessarily disagree!

Commonly Agile cowboys take the agile name in vain. Really they are using code test techniques rather than being agile.

Of course, you and I both know all about cowboy techniques.

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