9 10 2006

Watching TV while kid wrangling this morning, and there was this show on one of the main droid based channels.

The show was about improving your business and so on.

One of the key points that came out of that show was that excellence in customer service is the responsibility of everyone in the supply chain, from the guy / gal who orders the pens, through to the client who pays the bills. Everyone.

The way they described that an organisation can achieve this excellence in customer service was to first understand what the requirements of their clients were. Then to analyse the gaps between what the organisation provided thus far. Then design and implement solutions to resolve those requirements.

Now I may be a bit on the special side, but doesn’t that sound awefully like the basis for User Centred Design?

– Gather requirements from Users.
– Review current solution against requirements.
– Design and implement processes / procedures / products / services to address shortcomings and requirements.

I guess my overall point here is that many people dismiss User Centred Design as being only relevant to the technolgy world. WRONG.

The base principles of the methodology are highly appropriate for pretty much anything I think.

Originating from when man first discovered that the piece of flint he used to hunt cut his hands when he used it, so he wrapped some hide around the base of it to protect his hand.

Don’t forget your users. They pay the bills.




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